Hi all up there, hi teacher,

Only to virtual senators, from the fact that I am an iberian worker, and, from half a century, you all have completely and wise vision about every meter in the planet, high-tech surveillance, I won’t waste words talking about myself.

Only to professor Chomsky, first of all, I’d like to bring here my greetings because I find your opera excelsius in many of your public actions as some one speaking loud and academically to the other big man (virtual senators) who are ruling the world: «Hey! Leave the kids alone!». So, personally, becoming another linguistic (not warrior but…) peacerrior, falling to my knees, here I prostrate my shoulders and my neck to your gentile spade. Better say: tongue.

Secondly, which is letter main purpose, addressed to all of you, I’d like to ask to Your Wise Vision a kind of confirmation, rather than any explanation, I just need to hear from your knowledge that something is possible, and, for sure, true. But, what is exactly, this letter main goal is to confirm that, in my position in Global Village, I can not be aware of it. Ok, let’s say…

The thing is merged from the supposition that some prehistoric ancestor, as for example the dogon or mongolian or amazonic or australian tribe has a fact by eye, just because they were there, that (call it light call it energy) any form of life came to Earth from outside¹. So, question to be confirmed is, in that case, if there were a few people who could assist to birth of humanity, does their message or remembering climb across imperialism and ethnic world-wise wars to our days? Are you in position of that True and are you keeping it beside your security boxes and your jewels cages?

Maybe, by reading, at this very point, many of you already have discovered underneathing feeling to write this: If I addressed this question to monarchies then I should not call myself, as I clearly understand fits my citizen-interests, a republican. Seventeen generations (our current king in the Iberian likes to spread) merge his family with God.

Please, understand me, I don’t need you to give the people any exopolitics report about current negotiations with alien civilizations, but just tell me that you keep in touch with natura naturens, and that you rule the world with your soul fully merged with those supposed prehistoric memories as knots to Spirit, like an astronomic memory. A memory that you keep save and won’t destroy if you lose your current privileged position. A memory owned by Earth as Gaia (follow discursive path from Darwin-Freud-Jung-Foucault, then million of voices in social/politic movements of people, and then in integral K. Wilber summary: S.E.E.) rather than be owned by Humanity.

Ok, from the anarchist side of Spain, who writes this letter is a man who would like to change (not the world) but to change only its simbolism in modern human agreement perception. For sure, in my desktop, real reason for my sorries and worries, a big picture of Alexandria’s Library.

Only to profesor, please, keep on teaching in the free world!

Only to senators, expect us!


as nick for anonymous peacerrior.


¹ http://sploid.gizmodo.com/it-sounds-incredible-but-the-pillars-of-creation-dont-e-1677857108/+rtgonzalez

P.D.: Could also add a wishful thinking about Science vs Religion matter? I am positioning myself as an animist; also, always seems to me to talk to a god when a lower-man from called fourth-world in a globaliced planet guides his word to a teacher. So, from this point of view, would like to ask for ecumenical scenario where a believer can join in faith God’s authority, and be legitimated by Him, but this legitimation does not extends its domain to other men. Keeps limit on body skin. The same could happen now with Science, inside my vision of things, but just the other side, by taking the empiricist and positive legitimation from a all-powered macro-perspective, but, again, here the point, by stopping further legitimation behold biologist conception of Chalmer’s hard problem” of consciousness; so science must stop its kingdom on the skin of the mind, where mysticism should take place as a regulated exercise (an anarchist exercise, one would say, and fore that non socialist, comunism or republican and above would like to accept it as common sense, out of the box, out of Big Brother’s eye; it will never be able to enter there, Isn’t it, senators?)

All in all, just in a sentence, from my point of view, agreement to keep religion with the first three qualias, as religions in different cultures can religare people around micro society. Then, the rest, all for science; the empiric method can go on playing (discovering the mistery) with the rest of the things, as Tao would say from one to two and, afterwards, three…

In fact, maybe this is too much chance given by Science to Religion; in an hegemonic Science situation. Let’s see, or suffer, whether E.E.U.U. and China are good sisterhood or whether they cannot stand each other and China beats the fallen Democracy-in-the-world-prevail of America and start to battle… all in your hands, senators.

What we have: A financial (and not humanistic) mathematical and tech-ware system on your boards and agendas; finances as an ending point more than an interchange bridge.

Followed, this posture I announced, I declare it is a kind of present to Papa Francisco; so, as being myself an atheist peacerrior, you will see my peace-way-of-doing-things in assemblies like this one. If my enemy, thelogist enemy, starts  to walk the peace path, so do I.

Do you know, senators, what is known that always kings and presidents say:“And me, the first one“. So, always, I say: “and me, the last one“.

P.D.2: Just for some more bytes, here I attach non translated notes I took while documenting for this letter. I didn’t use them. All the rest is well constructed in the text, but for these notes I didn’t find place. So here in raw they are.

Textos – programandala.net Sección de textos.

Informándome sobre los detalles de la licencia GPL v3 he encontrado casualmente en la página del sistema operativo GNU el artículo Algunas palabras y frases confusas o injustas que vale la pena evitar, referido a la creación, la distribución y el uso de programas informáticos. (…)

Me encanta conocer una muestra más de la intuición, la atención al detalle, la perseverancia y los principios de Richard Stallman, el alma de GNU y el heterodoxo líder del movimiento en favor de los programas libre.

Me siento totalmente identificado conla denuncia del uso genérico de nombres propios, como Word, PhotoShop o PowerPoint para describir cierto tipo de programas, cierto tipo de ficheros o cierto tipo de trabajos. … Procesador de texto. Editor de imágenes. Gestor de presentaciones. Lavabajillas (y no Fairy o Mistol), refresco de cola (y no…), pañuelo de papel (y no…) (…) está en juego muchísimo más que nuestra nariz: está en juego la libertad de usar programas, formatos y estándares que no sean secretos ni estén sujetos a patentes.

Línux es sólo un núcleo, no el sistema operativo completo, y que por tanto llamar Línux a los sistemas basados en GNU con Línux es incorrecto; el término «GNU /Línux» es el adecuado.

Pero termino por el principio: lo que me llevó a descubrir esa lista de palabras fue una referencia a Website Maintenance System (WMS, en castellano «Sistema de Mantenimiento de sitios Web») como alternativa lógica al impreciso término Content Management System (CMS, en castellano «Sistema de gestión de contenidos»). No obstante la expresión recomendada por Stallman es Website Revision System (WRS, en castellano «Sistema de Revisión de Sitios Web»). Hasta ahora no había sido consciente de la vaguedad de CMS, un término por otra parte muy popular. Stallman lo argumenta muy bien. Por mi parte, tras consultar creo que WMS es más preciso y adecuado que WRS.